Animal Care vs Animal Abuse

Animal care or animal abuse is the inner fury of a physic person who victimizes animals to show his rage. These kinds of people cannot use their force on humans, therefore they abuse poor and innocent animals for inner pleasure. In right words, these mortals are mentally retarded. Where there are people who torture poor souls, there are also some kind-hearted people who take care of these animals who are physically injured and mentally disturbed. Animals are poor souls, we should try our best to make animal life healthy and happy. Today we are going to discuss a major difference between animal cruelty and animal care.

What is Animal Care?

Some mentally retarded people torture animals for their inner pleasure and frustration. They abuse them in many ways like hitting them, terrifying them, making them suffer for food and in many unexpected ways. The animal care welfare looks after the homeless animals or those animals gone through major trauma and physical injuries. These welfares play their role efficiently by taking care of such animals. There are many welfares who are spending a bulk of their time helping these creatures and providing them all the rights they deserve. They try to provide them with a healthy life with happiness they deserve. We should also take care of animals and should take a step against these kinds of acts done by retarded people.

Importance of Animal Welfare

Animal welfare is a place where an animal suffering from pain, traumas, terrors can get freedom. These welfares have the love for the animal, therefore, they stand for their rights. Animal welfares not only look after terrified dogs who are been through serious situations but also look after healthy, not suffering from pain or stress and happy animals. They take care of animal’s health as it is the most important part in this regard. They play their major role in providing:

  • veterinary treatment to animals
  • Proper shelter to animals
  • Prevention of contagious diseases
  • Enough food for their nourishment
  • They develop the love for pets in their hearts and make a comfortable place for them to live without any terror.

What is Animal Abuse?

Animal abuse includes the situation where animals are being hit, strike, poisoned or tortured. It also refers to a situation where an animal is not treated like he should be, where a person could not take right care of his animal.  The animal suffers from such a terrifying situation in which they are treated by physic people like a stuffed toy who have no feeling or senses. These cruel people are just trying to make an animals life living hell. When an animal suffers from such a situation, he has a deep effect of the incident on his mind which is not good for animal health.

There are about 115 million poor and innocent animals who are victimized per year for no reason. Animals like dogs, cats, rats, monkeys, mice, birds, rabbits and many other animals are tortured every year. The biggest animal abuse is where the scientist, because they abuse animals for their research for making new drugs and chemicals etc. These kinds of acts need to stop.

Why do People Abuse Animals?

The question is why, what is the frustrated reason behind human torturing poor souls? There are many reasons you would believe easily that innocent creatures are being abused for. these reasons are:

  • A psychological disorder where a man feels pleasure hurting and harming animals. Where they abuse them for no reason.
  • Being a victim of violence themselves, where in past the person might go from some unforgettable memories, therefore, he shows anger by treating animals roughly.
    Sick minded people who think that animals do not deserve any kind of nice act, therefore, they should treat that way.
  • Some people abuse animals kill them for their own hunger which is the sickest point.

How to Stop Animal Abuse?

The best steps taken to stop animal cruelty are:

  • Reporting such acts to animal welfare
  • Stopping those cruel people with all the force
  • Take a stand on it
  • Educate people about it
  • Promote kindness to animals


You will have the love for pets if you have one. I cannot tolerate such acts so do you. Such acts of violence must stop. We do not have any right to called a human by doing or witnessing such rough acts. We award you with a sensitive issue people usually do not care about. Try to stop animal abuse and help the animal welfares by supporting them in what they are doing for poor and innocent souls, Encourage them. We must develop the love for animals in ourselves. Try to stop those physic people who abuse animals. Make this world a place where animals can live with freedom.

Image Credit: @chazmcgregor

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