Diseases in Cats

Why is your cat sick or looking dizzy? There are many possible viruses that can cause infection or sickness in your cat. Today we will tell you about some possible diseases your cat might be a victim of. If you want a healthy cat then read these carefully.

Feline Leukemia in Cats

The feline leukemia virus can transfer from cat to cat through saliva or by nasal discharge. This virus can form a deadly look at the end for the cats. If you notice any of the cat disease symptoms we are about to tell, contact your vet for immediate treatment. The cat symptoms that can found in feline leukemia are pale gums, white eyes, loss of hunger, skin infections, bladder infections, fever, respiratory infection, diarrhea, fever or breathing difficulties.

Distemper in Cats

The feline panleukopenia is a very deadly disease found in cats. This virus is usually found in unvaccinated cats. Cats receive this kind of virus due to infected urine, feces, types of blood or fleas that are infected. The cat’s symptoms for distemper are vomiting, dehydration, loss of appetite, diarrhea that might be bloody also, high fever, depression, rough hairs, laying their chins on the ground for a long time.

Diarrhea in Cats

The common cause of diarrhea in cats are imbalanced food digestions or serious sickness. It can also be a cause of spoiled food, allergies, tumors, cancers, kidney or liver disorders or some kind of viral infection. The symptoms of diarrhea in cats are dehydration, fever, weight loss, loss of hunger, vomiting and lethargy.

Rabies in Cats

Rabies is a contagious disease that particularly attacks the spinal cord or brain of the animal. It is transfer from one animal and other due to saliva. Mostly infected animal carries this disease. The symptoms of rabies are aggression, anxiety or lethargy. The symptoms also include vomiting, fever, paralysis, seizure, hunger loss, and sometimes you can not figure out the symptoms at the right time and this might lead the animal to die suddenly.

Vomiting in Cats

In common cases, cats do vomit because of eating something uneatable, toxic or overeat probably. But also in some cases, it might be a reaction of some serious infections like the bacterial infection or gastrointestinal tract. Cats also puke because of the empty stomach.

Lethargy in Cats

Lethargy in cats is a disease where your cat might not feel well and is very drowsy. In this disease, a cat might get difficulties in breathing, vomiting, diarrhea, coughing, weight loss or loss of appetite. The other symptoms of lethargy in cats are sleepiness, dizziness, weight gain, fever, jaundice, aggression or pain. Some causes for lethargy in cats are diabetes, heartworm, bacterial infection, anemia or any kind of injury in the tendons and muscular system.

Hyperthyroidism in Cats

Hyperthyroidism disease in Cat’s can cause by the creation of thyroid hormones. This disease can affect multiple parts of a cat’s body. Usually, the symptoms of hyperthyroidism in cats are losing weight, increased urination, increased thirst, increased hunger. This fatal disease can cause vomiting, diarrhea and hyperactivity.

Seizure in Cats

Seizures disease can develop in the cat due to various infections and viruses. In seizures, changes happen in the brain nerve cells, because of a surge of electrical activity. The symptoms of seizures in cats are difficulty in breathing, chewing, twitching of muscles, foaming in mouth, aggression, clinginess or pacing. This disease can cause kidney failures, fungal infections, poisoning, high blood pressure, liver disease and metabolism disorders.

Abscess in cats

An abscess is a contagious infection which is filled with pus and these infections can found anywhere on the cat’s body but most often they are found on cat’s head, neck and on its shoulders. Bacterial infection can be a common cause of abscess in the cat. The symptoms of abscess in cats are swelling, redness on the skin, hair fall, lethargy, limping or lack of appetite.


Some of these diseases are deadly and can lead your cat towards death. Proper cure is necessary for the prevention of this disease. We provide you with this information to help you. If you find any of these symptoms in your cat, without thinking any further, rush to your vet and start the cure as soon as possible, if found. The right treatment will give you a healthy cat from a sick cat.

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