Homemade Food for Cats

Everyone loves healthy and fresh food so as animals. Giving your cat healthy food is far better than providing them with the tin food and packed food. You should be cautious with the food you give your cat. In homemade cat food, you will be aware of all those ingredients you have poured in it. Not all the cat food brands are serving low-quality food, some are providing good quality cat food but buying cat food daily can be expensive. The best solution for saving money is homemade food for cats that can be prepared in just a few minutes. Cats can eat human food and there is no harm in it. We will provide you with a list of human foods cat can eat along with the homemade cat food recipes.

Can cats eat cheese?

The next question arises is that can we give cheese to our cats? Well, the answer is yes. But not all type of cheese is safe for your cat. Cottage cheese, Swiss cheese, sliced cheese and cheddar cheese are the only cheese your cats can eat and it would not cause any risk.

Can Human food cats eat?

You can feed your cat with the same food you eat. It is very convenient. Cats can eat salmon, eggs, cheese, chicken, bananas, pieces of bread, apples, berries, milk, chicken broth and green veggies. There is no harm in giving your cats these foods.

Food for cats prepared at home

Healthy food can only be prepared at home. Here we will provide you with the best recipes you can use to prepare food for your cat at home with cheap ingredients and less time.

1. Fish recipe

Fish is something all cats love. It contains vitamins and omega 3 and 6 which is beneficial for the cat diet. All you need is 500 grams of fish, 100-gram pumpkins, 80 grams of rice and 1 or 2 eggs. After you have got all the ingredients, boil the rice and pumpkin in a pan or large vessel together. Boil two eggs and pour it into the rice pan. Steam or fry the fish and chop it in small pieces that are easily chewable for your cat and add them into the rice pan. Mix them well and let them cook for about 10 to 15 minutes. Your meal for a cat is ready.

2. Chicken broth or stock

Usually, the vet consults this kind of recipe when your cat is sick but it is not compulsory that you cannot eat it without sickness. Human love chicken soup as well as cats. You can add some boiled rice in the stock to give your cat. Cat likes chicken soups a lot to give them the meal once a week at least.

3. Boiled chicken food for the cat

As I mentioned earlier, cats can eat human foods and boiled chicken is one of them. You can add some veggies with the boiled chicken to make it a proper meal. Add some broccoli, carrots in it. Add some chicken broths if you find it a little dry and serve it to your cat.

4. Meatloaf

There is no one who does not know that cat loves meatloaf so is it not the best meal to serve your four-legged friend. You need some chopped boiled carrots, peas, oats and hard-boiled eggs for this recipe.
● Preheat your oven to 350-degree Fahrenheit.
● Mix carrots, peas, oat and eggs together in a pan and cook well.
● Take meatloaf and season it with eggs and the prepared mixture and bake it in the oven for about 45 minutes.


By using these recipes you can prepare healthy cat food at home. You will find your cat eating these foods heartily. The tin and packed cat foods contain chemical and sterilizers for preserving these foods which are not good for cat health as it can harm her health. A lot of people have created the hype that preparing cat food at home is very difficult and effort putting work and cat food is a good choice but trust me, it is not. It just takes 50 to 55 minutes from your busy time and it is not difficult. Try these recipes and tell us what you think about them.

Image Credit: felix_w

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