Top Benefits of Protective Baseball Umpire Equipment

As a baseball umpire, you are exposed on the playing field. Your safety depends largely on your helmet, face mask, chest protector, leg guards and shin guards, which you can usually buy altogether in an umpire’s protective gear package. Who knows when someone pitching could get his solid wood bat or Akadema shoe flying towards you? When buying baseball umpire equipment, quality is the name of the game.

Wilson Sporting Goods, the “Official Umpire Gear” of Major League Baseball (MLB), would be a good standard for baseball umpire equipment, not only protective gear but also uniforms including caps, hats, shirts, pants, jackets, shoes, and accessories like a glove conditioner. Even when you consider fairly cheap alternatives, it is best that you get to know premium brands for comparison.

A good helmet will provide maximum shock resistance and a tough shell like ABS for excellent resilience and protection, but be lightweight at the same time. The face mask will aid visibility and air flow, with paddings and linings designed to manage moisture, like multi-tiered durable EPP foam and open cell foam.

A good chest protector will have been engineered to have protective sturdy breastplates and shoulder plates that fit comfortably, with features like side paddings, a neck pad, mesh back panels and adjustable, removable shoulder cups to boost comfort and ventilation. Leg guards and shin guards will be extra protective and durable in the ankle plate and kneecap areas, and as with all other baseball umpire equipment, not cause irritation during prolonged high-impact use.

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