Appreciating Conure Parrots as Pets

One of the most intelligent animals in the whole world is the Conure Parrot. It is time that people begin to appreciate how worthy they are as pets. But, before you go and purchase one of your own, you need to know a little something about these birds first.

You should at least know about the type of their temperament, personality and other pertinent facts about these birds. It is necessary that you know their advantages and disadvantages as pets.

Many people will think that taking care of parrots is complicated but contrary to this belief, raising a parrot is actually simple and can be done by just anyone. However, it requires a lot of patience in order for you to take care of them properly.

These birds have various sizes with an average of 11.8 inches. They are natives in the region of the Central and South America. They are very colorful, which is captivating and pleasing to the eyes, and very fun-loving even when inside their cages.

Their great personalities make them excellent pets as well as their intelligence. Because of their fun-loving nature, they are sometimes considered as clowns. They have the ability to speak human language and learn few tricks as long as they are trained properly.

However, you do not need to be experienced for you to train them. Even amateur owners can train them without any difficulty as long as they know some basic facts. The Green Cheek Conure is a great pet that one can train very well.

These birds are good at social interaction and they can adapt to new persons beside their actual owners unlike other birds that stick only to one person. A perfect example of this highly sociable bird is the Jenday Conure.

You might want to know other minor details about these birds. Let us walk through on it.

These parrots mature in about 1 to 3 years but smaller sized Conures mature faster compared to larger ones.

They are compatible with other species and their diet is simple. It only consists of pellets, a variety of fruits and vegetables and sometimes, seeds and nuts for treats.

They live for up to 15 to 35 years, which makes them really great companions.

They have speaking capacity but on a moderate level only. They are moderately or extremely loud especially the
Green Conure.

They breed well even in captivty.

These parrots are one of the most intelligent animals. As long as you know how to put up with their nature, they can really make excellent pets for you.

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