Most Important Thing about Peacock and their types

Most Important Thing about Peacock and their types

No doubt peacock is the most beautiful bird. They are the national Indian birds. They are adorable blue and green combo species and they love to dance. There are different peacock types like Green Peacock, Congo Peacock, and White Peacock. Peacock is a friendly bird. The other name used for peacock is peafowl. The lifespan of Peacock is 15 to 20 years. they eat plants, fruits, seeds, and insects as well. Now, we are going to discuss some important thing about the peacock.

Can Peacock Fly?

No, because flying peacock does exist. They can do very high in the sky just in a one go but are not capable to fly far. They cannot fly far and far. Because of the size of their wings, they cannot fly too much. It is unlikely for a peacock to fly for miles. So, therefore, they cannot fly far and for days. They can just fly for some couple of hours. They can just fly at a low level.

Peacock Types

The male and female, both peacock genders have various types.

Indian Peacock

The Indian peacock’s head, chest, and neck are covered with a bright blue colour. In us, you can find them easily in their zoos. The tail of the Indian peacock has eye-shaped dots along with adorable bright colours. On the chest and head, these peacocks have a long and tall feathers fan.

Green Peacock

Generally, a green peacock belongs to the Indonesian site. Like Indian peacocks, they do not have blue feathers on their head and body but instead of blue, they have green feathers. Over the crest of their head, they have green tips of fan shape. These are beautiful because of the green shiny colour.

Congo Peacock

Talking about the Congo peacock, it hails from the pheasant family. It is small in size as compared to other breeds of peacocks but still is very beautiful. On the upper side of the body, the Congo peacock contains bright blue colour. The feathers of the wing have a stunning blue. This breed of peacock has a small size crest on the head.

Are Peacocks Friendly?

The question that comes now is peacocks friendly? Well, many people know that peacocks are friendly birds but it is not always true. Yes! We agree peacocks are friendly but they are the same aggressive when you will not treat them right. Peacocks are quite known for their attacking skill. Usually, peacocks attack during the breeding time. Keeping the peacock pet is not a good choice.

What does Peacock Eat and Drink?

Peacock is an omnivore, therefore, it eats plants, fruits, seeds, and insects as well. Some peacocks that are kept in zoos are fed on oats and corn. Peacocks also like to eat reptiles like ants, crickets, millipedes, termites, scorpions and even small snakes. Just like other birds, a peacock also drinks water.

Does Peacock make a Good Pet?

Keep the nature of peacocks in mind, it is not good to say that they can keep as a pet as they can get aggressive anytime. Peacocks cannot be kept locked in homes as they live in rural areas. So it is not a good idea to keep a peacock as a pet.

Peacock Breed Colors

The most famous amazing peacock breeds are Indian peacocks with the blue and green bright colour. The top colours in peacocks are pure white, blue, purple, green, bronze, peach, cameo, jade, taupe, hazel, opal and charcoal.

White Peacock

White peacocks are so beautiful that you cannot keep your eyes off them. The white peacocks are found in India and Sri Lanka. The white peacock is of pure white colour. Their diet meal is as same as blue Indian peacocks. They love to eat insects and fruits.

Lifespan of Peacocks

In normal a peacock lives for about 15 to 20 years. Some breeds of peafowls can also live a life of about 40 to 45 years. Due to recent reports, there is still some breed of peafowls that have a long lifespan.


Peacocks are known for their intelligence. They are omnivores and love insects. Peacocks are Indian national birds and belong to their territory. They are beautiful because of the crest over their heads and their beautiful feathers. Some people are hunting peacocks due to which their number of species is decreasing day by day. Peacocks are not family birds they can harmful to keep as a pet, therefore, we suggest you do not keep them as a pet. Hope this article helps you to find what you were looking for.

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