A scary dog starts to shake. Trembles find a place to hide, start to salivate. You should need the remedy for the dog to calm him in such a situation. The terror in the dog will stay for a few days, and you need to handle it with care and love. The question arises now is how to calm a scary dog from fireworks.

How to Calm a Scared Dog?

Most questions on the internet on dogs are that “my dog is scared of fireworks, what can I do”? There are many ways of comforting your dog afraid of fireworks. The connection between pets and firework is not so good, as dogs find loud and intense sounds terrifying. Usually, all dogs have a phobia of loud sounds. 

  • Keep your dog indoor
  • Cuddle up with your pet
  • Give your dog some treats
  • Play with your dog
  • Act normally in front of your dog
  • Play a piece of soothing music for the dog
  • Shut down all the windows and curtains
  • Distract your dog
  • Try to make him comfortable inside the house
  • Create a cardboard house for the dog indoor
  • Do not leave the dog alone when he is terrified
  • Play dog relaxing music on loud voice to isolate the noise of fireworks

The Remedy for Dog Afraid of Fireworks

It is not easy to get rid of all the fears your pet has. The fear is somewhere inside them, which might not remove easily. There are many reasons for a dog to be afraid of fireworks like it is in their genes where the dog might have to inherit the fear from their parents. The reason for a dog afraid of fireworks can also because the dog has never interacted with such loud voices before. It can be a very first experience for the dog to observe such noises. The remedy for the dog you should follow to calm him in such a situation is:

  • Try to show your dog videos of fireworks
  • Caress the dog and try to maintain a positive attitude
  • Use thunder shirt to cover your dog
  • Make sure that your dog’s collar is not tight enough
  • Massage on the favourite spot of your dog
  • Comfort your dog
  • Medication used to calm a dog

Why Do Dogs Hide in Such Situations?

The dog experiencing fireworks is far different from other sound experiences. Dogs mostly get afraid of sharp and lusty noises. They run to a place where they can hide from such sounds. Let me share an incident of my dog experiencing fireworks for the first time. When the fireworks started, she hid under a table placed in the garage, and she broke the door’s lower wood just to get inside. When I let her in, she ran into the bed and hid. She was so terrified. The next day, when the fireworks were stopped, she still was under the effect and knocked at the door to let her in. Dogs cannot easily forget about the situation they were in.

How Sound Therapy Help to Calm a Dog?

Phycologists just developed a soothing sound for dogs to calm them. This sound is made for the dog to forget all the anxiety and could relax. This music contains the sound that can be used for a frightened, disturbed, angry or terrified dog to relax his mind. The canine nose phobia series has a cd that contains music for thunderstorms, fireworks, sharp noise and sleeping music.

Dealing with Dog Anxiety in Such Situations

Most of the kennel warn the owners of dogs before new year night or any other occasion when firework can start. Because it can be a traumatic situation for your four-legged friend at this time of year. And they advise feeding the dogs before any of this situation happens because if you feed your dog after he has suffered from fireworks, his hunger will probably vanish. And also to keep an id tag in your dog’s collar in case he runs out from the house to get away all those sounds.


Dogs are terrified of loud and intense noises; therefore, try every possible way to calm your dogs. We mentioned some effective points you can use to calm your dogs. These tips will surely help in every way whether your dog is frightened of fireworks or thunderstorms sound. Dog afraid of fireworks demands more attention. Cuddle with your dog and caress him snuggle with him and comfort him, in this way you can easily calm your dog. Desensitize your dog to the firework sound already. These dog remedies to prevent such situations will help you to keep your dog safe.

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