Dogs are animals who deserve love. They love us and feel our emotions like their family. They show us their love, obsessiveness, and anxious behaviour through licking. Dogs are possessive by nature towards their owners. Dog lick people due to many reasons, but usually they lick out of love and loyalty. Today we are about to give you some helpful information on why your dog licks your hand, feet and on How to Stop your Dog’s Excessive Licking?

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Dog Licks Your Face

There can be many possibilities for excessive dog licking. We will tell you some points on why a dog licks your face.

  • Probably a dog licks your face usually when he is hungry. They lick your face in order to communicate with you to tell you that they are hungry.
  • Dogs are a very clean type of animals. A dog licks his paws and other parts to clean himself. Therefore, he licks to clean you as well.
  • When you have eaten something and went to your dog, he can sense its smell therefore
  • he licks your face to taste it.
  • Sometime when you are sweating, a dog licks you to taste the sweat. That is a very common habit of dogs.

Dog Licks Your Hand?

When a dog licks your hand, there can be the following reasons for it:

  • It is included in a dog’s habit since birth to lick human hands to taste the saltiness of their skins.
  • It is a sign of submission if a dog licks your hands.
  • Dog shows affection by licking your hands.
  • Dog licks our hands as they can feel and sense our health.
  • Probably there is some new scent in your hand like cologne, lotions or some kind of food smell. Therefore dogs lick them.
  • Just to show kindness, dog licks their people.

Dog Licks Your Feet?

It is a brilliantly normal behaviour of dogs on licking their owner’s feet; they just lick to communicate. There is always a nice reason behind the licking of every dog.

  • A dog licks your feet to seek attention from you because you will feel ticklish and will respond on his act quickly. Therefore, dog licks your feet.
  • Maybe he likes the sweat glands of your feet.
  • It is a stress-relieving way or usually to pass the time
  • Dog licks you to greet you when you are back home from a long schedule. They lick you to show that they were missing you.

Why my Dog Lick His Paws?

If a dog licks his paws, it is a totally natural behaviour of the dog. Dog clean themselves if they find some dirt underneath their paws. Another reason for a dog to lick his paws is that probably there might be a cut or any wound under their paws. Make sure to check your dog’s paw when is licking his paws excessively.

How to Stop your Dog’s Excessive Licking?

You need to teach your dog that licking all the time is not good. When a dog licks you, move away from him and go somewhere else leaving the room. In case if you are petting your dog and he becomes affectionate and starts licking you then stop petting him and walk away from him. This procedure will help your dog to understand that if you lick your owner most of the time, he will walk away from him as he does not like this kind of act.

Dog’s excessive Licking act might bother you. Another way to stop a dog’s licking habit is to ignore him or avoid him when he is licking you. You need to train your dog for some days, it is not a one-day process. If you want to stop your dog’s excessive licking, you need to continue to act like this with your dog for a few days until he learns what you are up to.


Dogs unintentionally lick you. For them, they are expressing love towards you. The dog kisses are hidden in their licks. But sometimes it becomes annoying; therefore, you need to train your dog to stop his excessive licking. Dog licks you to grab your attention by rolling in front of you or lying down. You just need to avoid his act. But remember one thing, do not punish or scold your dog no matter what the situation is, he might get aggressive with this kind of behaviour. Deal with him properly by removing your hand and feet from his mouth and say “no” to stop him.

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