Budgies and Lovebirds Live together and are beautiful creatures, and are amazing pets. They add beauty and charm to your home. Just seeing the beautiful birds was a refreshing experience. If you tame Lovebird, the joy they bring into your life had a two-fold effect. Lovebirds of all ages can be tamed and trained. However, if you have hand-reared baby Lovebirds, then they are much easier to tame than adults.

Lovebirds Decide how much you want to tame and started with birds at a time. Lovebird taming requires his full attention. Pair of Lovebirds will socialize with each other, and the process becomes more difficult for you. A single bird will consider the man as a companion and will learn the process faster and easier, and training to be a pleasant experience for your bird.

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Lovebird taming requires a lot of patience, time, and exercise for your bird. A tamed Lovebird is well worth the time you spend in taming – the best time to start training as early as possible. Training should be divided into 3-5 sessions of no more than ten to fifteen minutes each. The training sessions should be done almost every day.

Take your Lovebird to a separate room where there is minimum interference from external sources. Close all open windows and doors so that your bird can not fly away. Now take a lovebird from his cage and talk to him in a low voice. Words such as “Good parrot,” etc. It has a calming effect on your bird and helps to calm him down and get him ready for training. Do not yell or scream at him.

Build trusting relationships with your bird. The birds are afraid it isn’t very easy to tame. Once your bird comfortably in front of you, put your hand in his cage with food items in your hand. Do not do movements suddenly that may frighten your bird. Do this several times until you become familiar with the Lovebird, your hands, and begin to eat food from your hand.

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The next step is to teach him to improve on your finger. For this, bring your fingers near the Lovebird and gently touched his chest. The bird will go out of balance, and to balance himself, he will go and sit on your finger. Now bring him out of his cage and spoke a few words to encourage and offer him a treat to comply with the required behavior. Repeat the process several times.

When Lovebird, you have learned to sit on your finger, bringing it into the cage and taught him to fall back on its perch. With the repetition of birds, you will easily step up and retreated as much as you want. Patience is required to teach these measures. Some birds learn very quickly while others learn a little later, depending on the age of your bird. This practice again and again until it becomes second nature.

Now teach him to fly into your hands from a distance. Take a food item in your hand and say a word of familiar or whistle. When Lovebird, you fly to your hand, Give him a treat, and speak encouraging words. Practice this step as many times until you learn the birds this step entirely and fly to your hand directly. With practice and patience, you will eventually have a valuable hand tamed Lovebird.

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