Budgies are very good pets, and they are the most beloved bird species continues around the world. Budgies ability to breed in colonies as well as in separate cages unmatched. They produce quickly, easily, and under almost all conditions. They are strong enough for the bird and can adjust well in the new conditions. Because of their adaptability, their population has steadily increased in captivity.

They can multiply 3-4 times a year continuously.

Despite the excellent breeding of their ability, they sometimes show some behavioral problems. During Budgies breeding season, they often show aggression towards other parakeets if raised in the colony. Sometime it happens that this aggression leads to death if not parrots parrot and can get severe physical injuries.

You can minimize aggression in the parakeet to do four simple things.

1. Provide them with plenty of room to fly

In a small cage, there are more chances that you will fight parakeet. Because of the smaller cage size and lower area of ​​flying them more inclined toward fighting with one another. An enclosure that allows more flights to reduce aggression in parakeets. If you put more breeding pairs of the available space in your cage, the possibility of assault will increase.

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In a larger enclosure where they get more low, this parakeet develops strong muscles and stamina to defend themselves against other aggressive parrots. When the battle begins, weaker have more chances to escape and fly to the other corner of the cage. In this case, the possibility of physical injury is much less than in a smaller enclosure where there is not enough space to escape.

2. Put More Than Amount box Breeding Pair

Very good practice is to provide them with breeding boxes more than the total number of breeding pairs in the colony. It often happens that the two women chose the same breeding boxes simultaneously. This preference option can lead to a fight between two women. When you give them extra boxes, the weak have many options to choose another nest box.

3. Nursery box in Some Distance

Do not fix the box breed very close to each other. If a woman has chosen the box and another female came into the adjacent nest box, the woman would not let him approach her table to protect the territory. This can cause a dangerous struggle between two females. If you fix the nest box in the distance, there is not any video to dispute between the two females.

4. Feed soft food to Reduce their Aggressive Behavior

If you eat your Budgies with soft foods at least twice a weak, you can reduce aggression in your Budgies for the most part. It is often a lack of a properly balanced diet that causes this excessive aggressive behavior. Budgies are well fed with all the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals are usually less aggressive. Apart from standard seeds mixed diet, supply them with corn, wheat, green leafy vegetables, and rice to reduce this aggressive behavior.

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