Are you having difficulties in training your dog or your dog just do not listen to you? Well, here are some impressive ways for you to train your dog. We will tell you some of the dog commands to teach your dog how to sit or attack and more.

The puppy training helps to train your dog faster. I have two wonderful and adorable German shepherds. I house-trained them for about a year, and now they listen to me and follow my commands just because of the right dog training.

Dog training requires a lot of attention. To house train, a dog seems fun and mind-boggling at the start, but it is a very big responsibility to train your dog good manners. Here are some dog training tips you must follow to train your puppy.

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How to teach a dog to sit?

It is not this fun that when you tell your puppy to sit down, and he frequently sits, well, yes, we are talking about the dog sitting training. Dog obedience training is very important if you are keeping a dog in your house.

Here are some simple steps to follow:

  • Firstly you have a variety of tasty treats because dogs love to eat. So keep some treats in your hands and take your dog’s full concentration.
  • Second, just show him the treat you are holding in your hands.
  • Take the treats closer to him from his nose to behind his head so that he could concentrate completely.
  • Now raise your hand filled with treats a little higher and ask him to sit by saying, “sit.”
  • When he sits on your command, award him with a treat, and cheer your doggo for his good behavior.

Now repeat this trick for a few more times. If you give your daily dog sessions of training for a few minutes, this will become his habit.

How to stop a puppy from biting?

Uhh, your dog bites you, but you cannot control this habit of him, why? You need to stop the puppy from biting fast as it might become his habit with time. Biting is one of the most common habits found in a dog.

When your dog is just a puppy, he tries to bite you with his little teeth, but you do not feel it because it does not hurt at that time, but when he grows older, his biting becomes strong, but it will be unstoppable because it includes in his habits from childhood. So, to prevent your dog from biting, you need to take action when he is just a puppy. When your puppy bites you, scold him or pat on his mouth so he should know that biting is a bad habit.

Dogs also bite because of fear or when they want attention, so just play with your dog’s give them time and pet them to make them feel good. The aggressive puppy bites are dangerous as they could harm you. To stop the aggressive puppy biting, take out on a walk, and play with your dog.

How to train a dog to walk on a leash?

I have a dog, as I mentioned before, we named him Oscar. He is very playful, but he is scared of collar and leash. I do not know why? Maybe just because I did not pay attention to this thing that I need to train him about the leash also. Dogs love walking, mine does too, but he is just scared of collars. To not repeat the same mistake as I did, you need to introduce your puppy to a collar or leash.

Teaching your doggie leash manners is one of the important parts of training a dog. It can be a little tough, but once you do with teaching your dog to walk on a leash, your life will be much easier.

Firstly make your family dog ​​for a collar or leash, and after that, as I told before, dog loves food, so just fill your hands with treats and just make him come towards you put the leash or collar around his neck and reward him with some treats. Repeat the step for a few minutes and do practice on it daily, whether you do it inside the house or outside, the choice is yours. Once your puppy is trained walking on a leash, it will be a big achievement for you, no doubt.

Crate training of a dog?

Your dog should know about staying in a kennel, cage, or a crate. I read many dog training books, and I trained my dogs with the help of those books. I crate trained them by putting some treats near and on the inner side of the crate, and then went in to eat the treats, I locked the dog up in the crate.

If you do not handle this kind of training properly, your dog might get scared, which is not good. Try giving your dog food in a dog crate so that dog could easily get in and stay calmly. Leave the dog alone in a crate and move to another room and come back again after some time so that dogs know that you are near.

How to potty train a puppy?

Does your dog poop anywhere in the house? Well, you need to put a full stop on this habit of your dog by potty training him. The puppy toilet training is necessary because no one wants their house to fill with dog poop everywhere.

Dog poops after eating something, so to potty train your dog, you need to take his meal away in between his eating and take him to a specific spot and rub his belly, so he could easily poop. Do this same process for some days, and as a result, your dog will make it his habit, and whenever he wants to poop, he will go to the same old spot.

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