Training a cat is much easier than you thought. You can train your four-legged fellow to come and eat her/his food and to use a litter or come towards you on your single command.

Cat training can do in many ways, like by giving your cats some treat, their favorite food, or by using cats training clickers. Cats are friendly and loyal animals; all you need to give them is the right training and time. Cat love neck massages. Whenever your cat follows your command, just pet her on her favorite spot and reward her/him with some tasty treats.

Train your cat how to litter

Well, no one likes their house and favorite spots filled with cats litter. When your cat is just a kitten, feed food to her and take her food away in between the meal to give a break. Take her to the litter box and rub her belly, which will make it easy for her to poop. Do repeat the same process for several days until she/he gets used to it. A cat can be trained easily in a week or two on how to use a litter.

Train your cat not to bite

Kitten biting can be hurtful because of their small but sharp teeth. To prevent your cat from biting you or anyone, you need to follow these tips.

Cat bites for various reasons like aggression, rough play, or touching him/her on their not so likely spots. When a cat bites you, never shout at him/her or scold him/her. React on the bite calmly.

Try to gently stop her by saying “no” and pat them on their mouth from which they can know that it is not a good thing. But remember not to punish your cat on her aggression and rough act, try to deal with them calmly.

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Train your cat to use a toilet

Cat toilet training can be a very tough and time-consuming task, but nothing is impossible. Toilet train your cat can be very helpful for you in many ways, like your money you spent on buying cat litter can save for other purposes, and you will find your house clean and neat from all the dirt and smell.

The first step in this regard is to adjust a litter box on your toilet seat and then place a stool or chair for your cat to reach the toilet seat easily. Once your cat is used to sit on the seat of the toilet, remove the litter box from there.

Train your cat to use a litter box

Kittens can be trained easily for the litter, but grown-up cats find it a little awkward at first. Well, here are some keys for you to make your cat use the litter.

  • You need to notice the time when your cat litters.
  • Play with your cat somewhere close to the litter or give her meals near the box. So whenever the cat feels the need to use the litter, a cat can easily do.
  • Carry your cat to the litter box and make him stand on the litter.
  • Remove some litter with your finger until she knows how to do it.
  • When the cat is done with her litter again, uses your fingers to cover it as an example for the cat.
  • Continue this same process for some time until the cat learns to use the litter box.

How to prevent your cat from not peeing on the bed?

A trained cat usually pees on various spots because of aggression, which can be for any reason like stress, or maybe your cat is on the heat. To stop the cat from peeing on the bed, try to place an extra litter box in the bedroom, which will make the cat use it instead of using the bed. One more way to stop the cat peeing on bed is to block the access to the bed for the cat.

If you think that it is some kind of hormonal disorder, then consult your vet and find a quick solution to the disorder.

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