Our Mission

Our Mission is to permit pet parenting bloggers and social media promoters to raise their voices, increase their power, and produce economic opportunity while supporting our Colleague efforts to give back to the pets we love so much.

We are the most valued and trusted pet community online, enabling solid personal connections, and promoting members’ ideas through writings, images & videos.

We raise our member’s voices, across all social media channels.

We take the worry out of making money online! Being a part of the Aboutpet network will exploit your revenue by giving you a chance to join in paid programs and marketing promotions, all you have to do is what you do best: share and participate in being online for pets.

Our vision is about animal loving people to have a safe, trustworthy place to gather. The mission is to create a resource for pet people in social media that help them make a success of spreading a love for pets. Also, we improve our vision & mission in an effort to stay true to ourselves, to our network of pet parents, and to the many brands we work with all year long.