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Raw Food Dog Diet Tips

Less than a century ago, most dogs ate as wolves did. They ate raw food, meat and bone. Research has exposed how nearly dogs are interrelated to the wolf by means of DNA comparisons. The diversity between the two is only one percent! Both canines and wolves must have the enzymes and nutrients found in raw, uncooked, unprocessed food. Their teeth are intended to shred and crush up meat and bone. The enzymes within their short digestive track have the ability to handle dangerous bacteria such as salmonella.

A wolf’s natural diet has diversity. Some days he doesn’t eat at all. On some days the menu might consist of a raw egg. infrequently, he and the pack members may feast on a deer, starting with the innards, working toward muscle, and then bone, all happening over a a span of a few days. Dogs who are fed store bought canned or dry dog food can benefit from additional variety. blend in some liver or veggies. Mix in a turkey neck or other soft bone once in a while.

An illustration of a raw food menu for dogs would have meaty, but soft boned portions of chicken wings and backs, and turkey necks. Other menus might be raw meat, liver, raw eggs, and pulpy vegetables. One of our dogs enjoys trips to our backyard garden bed to enjoy a mouthful of kale. Just combine the vegetables in with everything else.

The raw food diet might not be for all dog owners, but once the health benefits are realized, perhaps more owners will at least give their dogs a healthier diversity. Some of the advantages to this diet are: improved hydration, fewer ear infection problems, cleaner teeth, stronger immune system, fewer allergies, reduction of anal gland disorders, and a better doggy smell.

Do not serve your dog cooked bones. They are brittle and can fragment. If your dog has pre-existing digestive problems or other recurring ailments, talk to your vet about the possibilities of putting your pet on a raw diet.

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