It’s important to know that entertaining pet parakeets. They do not need a lot of costs or maintenance. With proper care, these birds can live up to 14 years. Given below are some tips that you can follow to take care of your birds to keep them happy all the time.

1. Parakeets Want to be in the Company

First of all, if you only have one bird, you have to get him a mirror. While a single bird will not feel bored in your company, the mirror can help him feel happier, especially when you are not there. In addition to the mirror, you can also buy your parakeet bird a good stand-in of a good pet store. Ideally, it would be best if you got him to the company of other birds.

2. Give him a variety of foods

Here it is important to remember that simple birdseed tends to get old fast. At the pet store, you can find a variety of treats birdies, such as clip-on sticks, biscuits birdies, and spray millet, just to name a few. As a special treat, you can also serve your parakeet fresh fruits.

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3. Parakeet Love Playing With Toys

Parakeets like to play. You can choose from a large selection of toys for your bird, such as wings, rings, bells, and beads, to name a few. In addition to this, parakeets attracted by shiny things, especially toys that make a lot of noise or something that they can move here and there on foot or part of them.

4. Developing Trust With Your Bird

It may take time for you to build trust with your pet. This bird is shy at first, but they get familiar with the new owner in a few days. To build trust, you might want to put your finger before your bird for a few seconds every day. Doing this for a few days will allow time for the birds to build up the courage to hope in your fingers.

5. Never Reach Your Hands to Take Your Bird

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Your bird will get the most scared if you move your hand to grab him. It is the fastest way to vaporize the trust between you and the birds. At first, the birds can lead to frustration for you, because he will not have the courage to sit on your hands. However, you do not have to catch it and make it sit on your finger or hand.

6. They Get Exercise

You do not have to take your bird out of the cage to let him get some exercise. If you have large space in your home, you can take it out regularly so that he can fly around and have a great time. Make sure you close all doors and windows before opening the cage door.

So, these are some simple tips that can help you care for your parakeet. If you need to know further, we recommend that you contact an experienced pet owner or professional. They may provide more valuable advice and tips.

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