Stop Puppy Biting Now – Its Really Not That Hard

To stop puppy biting, there is one word you must use: No. This is the correct command to use for any kind of behavior correction in regard to your puppy. When your puppy tries to chew on your sneakers, say no. If your puppy has learned this word, a firm no will prevent them from biting, as well as jumping all over people when he or she ought not to.

It is very essential that your puppy understands that ‘No’ is a very strong word of correction which he must necessarily follow. So when you see you puppy chewing on something that he should not, then just say, ‘No!’ in a very firm voice. If this does not discourage him from biting, then give him a firm tap under his chin.

If the tap under his chin does not deter him, then you need to employ a few stronger methods of correction. Tarry a while and watch animals interacting amongst themselves. You will find that they do not really tell each other what to do. They resort to body bumping, display fighting or growling. They encourage each other by barking and facial expressions. If even these measures fail, then they go for the jugular by outright conflict.

It is the pack behavior that goads them into observational learning. They synchronize their behavior to suit the requirements of the rest of the pack. In a pack if one creature does not toe the line, then the pack leader reprimands him about it!

Stay calm, cool & composed Keep your cool when you must correct your puppy’s behavior. You don’t want to scare your puppy, just teach him or her “don’t do what you are doing”. Frightening your puppy by way of trying to correct their behavior is counterproductive. Correction is about changing behavior to conform with the “pack” e.g. -your family, human society at large, not traumatizing your pet.

Correct immediately. You must correct your puppy immediately. A puppy does not have much sense of recall. Hence if you correct him after a lapse of some time, he will just not be able to fathom what you are trying to tell him. In order to stop puppy biting, correction that is not done immediately will only confuse him and leave him feeling totally perplexed. Puppies bite by instinct. But this instinctive reaction left unchecked can turn into a very nasty habit. You must nip it in the bud. Your puppy must be made to realize that he must not bite humans. It will just not be tolerated. Correct him even when he gives you those playful little puppy bites.

Correct your puppy the same way with other behaviors like jumping. While it might seem cute when they are still a puppy, a fully grown dog who thinks this is OK could accidentally injure someone. When your puppy jumps at you, push them down gently and firmly say “No”. Be sure to reward them when they listen with ample praise to reinforce the good behavior.


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