Summer Birds

Summer Birds

There are many species of summer birds like American robin, eastern bluebird, common starling, black cap chickadee. Why We Save Bird? As we know that birds play important role in keeping the nature and environment in a balance. They are natural insect removers and it is bird food. There is the different type of bird nest where they live. Bird breeds season start in summer, but mostly bird dying in this season due to hot temperature and lack of water.

Why are Birds Dying in Summers?

It is a big question that why are birds dying in the summer season and what are the reasons for their death. Like humans and other animals, birds also die due to lack of water. They become thirsty in such hot weather and could not find any way to finish their thirst, therefore, they end up dying. These birds die due to increasing hot temperature. Birds can only bear a maximum amount of hot temperature and when the temperature exceeds that limit the bird starts to die. This heat can make major damage to the brain of birds due to which they die in large numbers in the summer season.

Why save Birds?

Birds are suffering in this environment, therefore, we need to make sure that the birds are safe in this nature in such a hectic environment. As we know that birds play an important role in keeping the nature and environment in a balance. They are natural insect removers as they eat them. If we want our environment in a balance, we must protect the birds. Many steps can be taken for the bird’s safety, some of them are under.

Steps to Take for Bird Safety

Many steps can be taken for the safety of birds in a hot and killing weather. We must follow these measures and try to save the birds as much as we can. Our single and small step taken towards the safety of birds can protect a lot of lives.

  • Place pots and vessels filled with water in your gardens and terrace. Make sure you keep water for birds in these spots.
  • Make a shade for the birds.
  • Plant more and more trees in your gardens.
  • Place food in a bowl and place it on your lawn and terrace.
  • Place water on all those spots where it is easy for the birds to find food and water.

Why Bird Breed in Summers?

Many bird species raise their families in the season of summer. Well, some birds find summer season to find food rather than other seasons. Chicks eat insects like caterpillar and worms which are only found in the season of summer or in the spring. Therefore, some species of birds prefer breeding in summers.

How are Bird Nest made?

A female bird prepares her nest. But also in some species, make bird prepare their nest and the female bird helps him with it. Well, birds nest is made with different things. It is not that all birds nest is made with the same method. Birds usually made their nest with their saliva’s, the web of spiders, mud, and silk. Birds put some herbs as well in their nest which helps them to protect themselves from the bacteria and other infections. Bird makes their nest somewhere along with other nests and in a bunch of leaves in the trees or somewhere else.

Type of Bird Nest

Different type of birds prepares different type of nests with different methods and techniques. Let us discuss some various types of bird nests.

Cup Nest

Well, the cup nest usually has a cup or bowl type shape and it is the most common type of nest bird prepares. Generally, this kind of nest is prepared on the branches of trees. Birds use wood, a web of spiders, mud, silk of caterpillar and their saliva as a glue to make their nest. Just like humans use cement with water to make their house base strong, birds use their saliva and food as a material to prepare a strong home. Birds also use materials like grass, leaves, cotton, fur, and feathers as well as to prepare a home for them.

Platform Nest

Birds like hawks and eagles use to make platform nest for themselves. It takes too long to prepare such kind of nest maybe like a month or so. Birds use scrapes, branches, grass, and saliva of their own to prepare such type of nest.


Birds are an important part of this nature. Their safety matters to us. In summers, it becomes difficult for birds to survive in thirst and hot climate, therefore, we must take measures to safe birds as much as we can. The nest is home for birds. They prepare their houses with various methods and some birds also like to decorate their homes with stuff like cotton, fur and any kind of soft material. In short, we will just convey to you the message to protect the birds by providing them with shelter, food, and water.

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