In this universe, there are many beautiful types of pet parrot living. Most of them are very rare, but the majorities are very well known. Let’s take a look at some most famous parrot spices around the world.

Sulfur-crested cockatoo

Sulfur-crested cockatoo

Sulfur-crested cockatoo is a large beautiful species of parrots. They are known to peak their typical sulfur-yellow. They live in Australia, New Guinea, and Indonesia. This species has a length between 17-25 inches and white feathers. Dark brown bill sulfur-crested cockatoos are also outstanding.

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The birds are males and females almost equally. The main difference between them is the color of the eyes; women have brown eyes red and male bird in a dark brown color. They also have a variety of loud calls.

Sulfur crested cockatoos make a nest in tree hollows. These iconic parrot species live up to 70 years. Sulfur-crested cockatoo family groups also stay together for years. They mainly feed on fruits, seeds, nuts, and roots.



Bronze-winged is another type of pet parrot. They are colored parrot species native ordinary middle-sized South America. Their fur in purple or dark blue and had bronze patches on the wings. The feathers of this species have a violet edge, and the throat is in pink. It is also a friendly, quiet, and lovely pet parrot.

Bronze-winged parrots are intelligent and funny. They can mimic with the right training. In the wild, they used to live in tree cavities — a breeding season of bronze winged parrot from March to June. Females lay three or four eggs, and incubation lasts for 36 days.

Dusky Lories – Credit: @philbotha

Dusky Lories

Dusky Lories Bronze-winged is another type of pet parrot. Very active and playful dusky Lories are one of the most popular pet parrots in the world. The smart black Lories also an excellent mimic human speech. They also want to play with toys that interact with people. Dusky lories from Papua New Guinea and is also referred to as white-rumped lory.

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The dusky lories have a length of 9.5 inches and weigh between 9.5 to 10.5 oz. Males and females look alike and have been colored bright orange upper chest, cream-colored buttocks, legs dark gray and orange colored beak. They inhabit in tropical and subtropical forests of Papua New Guinea. Dusky lories diet consists of fruits, nectar, and seeds.

Galah parrots – Image Credit: @saeedlajami

Galah parrots

Parrots are beautiful giant pink identified by the chest and face. Galah parrots also referred to as a rose-breasted cockatoo and galah cockatoo. They found in almost all regions in Australia. Galah parrots, even a very social species, are found in large swarms.

Galah parrots reach up to 14 inches long and weigh between 270-350 grams: the top and a short tail gray color. The birds are males, and females are quite similar, although the male bird’s eye color is dark brown and pinkish-red in women.

A large herd of giant parrots and thousands of birds lives in this world. They often perform acrobatic flying in the sky. The enormous flock also travel long distances in search of food.

macaw parrot – Image Credit: @jonny_lew

Blue and yellow macaw parrot

Blue and yellow macaw parrot is a species of large and beautiful native South America. They inhabit humid forests and swamps. They have the top of the blue and yellow underpart. Striking colors and speech also made a blue and yellow macaw as one of the most popular pet birds.

This parrot species are highly social and intelligent. They love to interact with people and learn different tricks of their owners with ease.

Sun parakeet – Image Credit: @skyler029

Sun parakeet

Sun parakeet is an exciting species of parrot native and endemic to South America. Amazing to see their yellow feathers, red, orange, blue, and green. Sun parakeets also have white patches around the eyes and the green mark on wings. Like several other parrot species, both male and female parakeets same display. They are also known to imitate the human voice.

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Unlike adults, teenager Sun parakeet has an olive green color. It is transformed into a mixture of bright colors differently after they are six months old. They create a group of up to 30 birds and feed on fruit, fruits, nuts, and flowers.

Eclectus – Image Credit: @zachspears


The Eclectus is a strikingly colored parrot species native to Papua New Guinea. The male parrot has bright green plumage, and female birds display bright red and purple coloration. This sexual dimorphism in plumage color also makes Eclectus as an unusual parrot species.

Another notable change between both sexes is the coloration of the beak. The beak of male Eclectus has an orange upper part and a yellow tip. In the case of a female bird, the mandible is in black color.

Eclectus are also one of the best pet birds in the world. They are very calm social birds.

Eclectus parrots show their communication skills in an entirely different way than other species of parrots. To express excitement and threat, Eclectus parrots raise their head feathers. They also have lifespan up to 30 years.

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