There are many dogs who love water and like to go on seas, beaches, ponds, water parks, lakes and also enjoy being on boats in the middle of the water. Some dogs are natural swimmers, and some can naturally drown in water. Today we are here to tell you some super water safety for dogs and dog training methods you can use to get your dogs in the water.

Does the Dog Swim?

Some people believe that doggies are natural swimmers; hence they do not know that all dogs can not swim. Dogs generally start paddling as soon as they get into the water. Therefore, people think that they are natural swimmers. They do not require any training or lessons. Water Safety for dogs is an important thing.

Dogs paddle their feet when they are in the water, but they can not survive for a long time in it. In a deep or extraordinary length water place, a dog will drown easily without training. Some breeds can easily swim like they were born to swim, but some breeds have a very poor connection with water. On the other side, bulldogs, Shih Tzu, boxer, greyhounds, Alaskan malamutes, and chow are worst swimmer breeds.

Why Are Dogs Scared of Water?

Mostly some doctors and experts believe that the dogs who are afraid of water suffered a bad experience when they were small. That is why the fear of water is set into their minds and hearts as well. Well, if you feel your dog is scared of water, you should never try or force your dog near water.

The best possible way to get your dog familiar with water is to take your dog on the beach or around the pool, but remember not to force your dog into the water. This technique will remove the fear slightly from the dog’s mind. Once your dog feels comfortable near water, it will be easy for him to get to know with water. Dog swimming in the water is usually trained or naturally gifted, but still, they can not survive for so long in a never-ending and deep watery place for a long time.

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Training of dogs to be in the water

No doubt dog needs to be trained before letting them into water. Training is necessary for dog swimming. All around the world, we see contests going on where dogs swim. This is all just because of the training. A dog is trained to swim and win. But the question arises now is how dog training is done for swimming? There is no rocket science. It is very easy just to follow and learn.

  • Show yourself as an example to your dog, so the doggie follows you and learn.
  • Use a life jacket for your dog in the training session, so there are no risks left for drowning.
  • Take a dog who swims and loves it; if your dog sees another dog swimming, he might also copy him.
  • Support your dog and make him swim with you.
  • When you think that your dog is enough trained to swim, contest with your friend and make him a professional.

Five dog safety tips for you

Dog safety is most important before you got him into swimming. Make sure you have done all the things necessary for the safety of dogs. These dog safety tips will provide you information on how to protect your dog inside the water.

  • Select a shallow spot in the water at first
  • Do not remove the leash from your dog while he is on training
  • Check the temperature of the water before getting your doggie in. Make sure the water is not extra cold as dogs can not survive much cold water, only a few breeds like huskies can.
  • Make sure the water is clear from germs and bacterias as it can make your dog sick.
  • Rinse your dog with clean water as the bacteria, allergies, and bodies in water can be dangerous for the dog. Try to give a fresh bath to your dog after swimming.


Dogs love swimming, but not all breeds, as we mentioned before. The safety measure must be taken before getting your dog in the water. If your dog is scared of water, give him space and time he wants and do not force him to jump into the water as it can affect him badly. We hope that this article helps you get all the answers you were looking for.

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